Zydecocruiser's Carnival Magic Bloggers Cruise 5 Carnival Magic, Bloggers Cruise 5, Mar 4-11, 2012

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Carnival Magic, John Heald's Bloggers Cruise 5 (BC5), March 4-11, 2012


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The camera I am using on this cruise is a Nikon D7000:

Nikon D7000 Nikon 18-200mm VRII Zoom Nikon 35mm AF-S DX Nikon 10-24mm Wide Angle Zoom Lens



Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!


     Page1 - Rental, Galveston Hilton, Gaido's Restaurant,



     Page1 - Webcams, Amenities, Bloggers Capers, Balcony View, Balcony, Stateroom, Emergency Instructions

     Page2 - 4J view, Lido Front Observation, Atrium, CC, Bottomless Bubbles, Wine Package, Pizzeria, Mongolian Wok, Cookies, Burrito Bar, Tandoor, Tides Pool, Carnival Deli, Tides Bar, Chris Prideaux, Fuel Barge, Tandoor Lunch, Mach and Stitch, Floatie, Grill, Beach Pool,

     Page3 - Lido, Atrium, Safety Drill, Dock area, Sail Away, Funville @ Sea, Bloggers Welcome Aboard Party, MDR Dinner, Martina, Towel animal, Balcony Night Shots

     Page4 - Lido Night shots, Wake, Tides Bar, Play It Again Piano Bar, Ron Pass, Plaza Cafe Coffee Bar Menu, Ocean Plaza, Fun Hub, Casino Vault Machine, Fun Shops, Atrium,


Sea Day 1

     Page1 - Master the Martini, Q&A Session with John and a Few Beards, Oceanside Barbeque, Ocean Plaza Coffee Shop,

     Page2 - Casino, Oceanside Barbecue, Salad Bar, MDR Lunch, Friends of Chris P. Party, Pictures by request, Flying fish, Views from Balcony

     Page3 - Bloggers Tea Time, Off the Grill, Hotdog, Lido, Sunset, Fruit Basket, Chocolate Covered Strawberries,

     Page4 - Lido by night, Pictures by Radu, Lobby/Atrium, Casino Vault, DOD, RedFrog Pub, Oh My God, Dive-In Movie, MDR Dinner, Ken Byrne, Disco Ball, Ocean Plaza, The Groove Line, Play It Again Piano Bar, Ron Pass, Platinum Gift (Sling Bag) and Pin


Sea Day 2

     Page1 -  MDR Breakfast, Morning Fun with John and Team, Art of Travel Photography Seminar w/ Radu, Photo Contest, Bloggers Slot Pull, Cookies, Lido, Beach Pool, Lido Lunch (Pizza), Off the Grill, Lido,

     Page2 - Kindle Fire, Acu-Rite Thermometer, Magnetic Coat Hooks, Prime Steakhouse, Towel Animal, Bloggers Water Bottle Gift


Montego Bay, Jamaica

     Page1 - Hop On Hop On Bus, The Shoppes at Rose Hall, Rose Hall Great House,

     Page2 - Rose Hall Great House

     Page3 - Rose Hall Great House

     Page4 - Rose Hall Great House

     Page5 - Hop On Hop Off Shuttle, Port Area, Carnival Magic, Deli Combo Sandwich, Red Velvet Cupcakes, Paris Breast, Cookies,

     Page6 - MDR Dinner, Ken Byrne, Martina, Play It Again Piano Bar, Ron Pass, Ocean Plaza 8 piece band, Lido at Night, Cigars Under The Stars,


Georgetown, Grand Cayman, Turtle Farm here

     Page1 - Cookies, Lido Breakfast Items, Lido Breakfast, Tendering, Royal Watler, Cayman Turtle Farm, Turtle Breeding Pond, Turtle Display, Touch Tanks, Babies, Iguana, Predator Reef, Turtle Lagoon,

     Page2 - Cayman Turtle Farm, Turtle Lagoon, Caribbean Aviary, Saffron Finch, White-Crowned Pigeon, Scarlet Ibis, White Ibis, Predator Reef, Turtle Feeding, Shark Feeding, Female Red-Legged Honeycreeper, Male Red-Legged Honeycreeper,

     Page3 - Cayman Turtle Farm, Male Red-Legged Honeycreeper, Turtle Lagoon, Flowers, Lockers, Nature Trail, Schooner's Bar and Grill, Iguana, Turtle Breeding Pond,

     Page4 - Cayman Turtle Farm, Coconuts, Dolphin Discovery, Cemetery, Peace Memorial, Library, Royal Watler, Carnival Magic, Tender,

     Page5 - Free Internet Sites, Georgetown from ship, Public balconies, Ship coin, Serenity, Lido Lunch, Sunset, MDR Dinner, Ken Byrne, Dancing, Monkey, 

     Page6  - Bloggers Event - Liars Club,


Cozumel, Mexico

     Page1 - Lido Breakfast Items including Grits and Oatmeal, Lido Breakfast, Lido, Pedicabs, Puerta Maya Pier, International Pier, Island Taxi Tour, Paradise Beach,

     Page2 - Island Taxi Tour, Paradise Beach, Playa Mia, Mr Sanchos, Our Taxi, Freedom in Paradise, Rasta's, Bob Marley Bars, 

     Page3 - Island Taxi Tour, Freedom in Paradise, Rasta's, Bob Marley Bars, El Mirador, Para surfing,

     Page4 - Island Taxi Tour, Para surfing, Playa Bonito, Coconuts,

     Page5 - Island Taxi Tour, Mezcalito's, Bam No 4, Mestizo Monument, Monument of Two Cultures, Puerta Maya, Atrium,

     Page6 - Puerta Maya, MDR Dinner, Carnival's 40th Anniversary, Waiter/Singer Darwin, Great Towel Creation,

     Page7 - The Roast of John Heald,

     Page8 - The Roast of John Heald,


Sea Day 3

     Page1 - LOL with John, et al, Bloggers T-shirts, Lido, Serenity, Ship Coin, waterworks, Drainpipe, Power Drencher,

     Page2 - Waterworks, Power Drencher, Drainpipe, Twister, Someone in the Twister Tube, Beach Pool, Sports Square, Ropes Course, Sports Square Bar,

     Page3 - Sports Square, Ropes Course, Basketball, Tides Pool, Beach Pool, Promenade Cafe Menu, Prime Steakhouse Menu, Oceanside Barbecue,

     Page4 - Oceanside Barbecue, Oceanside Barbecue Lunch, Chocolate Extravaganza,

     Page5 - Bloggers Farewell Party,

     Page6 - Bloggers Farewell Party, Master the Martini, MDR Dinner, Darwin,


Galveston - Booted - Rained the whole way back to Louisiana 8-(


Fun Times

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Martini Tasting

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Laundry Information

Carnival Magic Pictorial Deck Plan - In Work


NWS Radar Mosaic

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Infrared Satellite - Gulf of Mexico



Another Infrared Satellite - Gulf of Mexico


Atlantic Satellite



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