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NOLA June 2, 2005, Port Area Pictures


There are a number of hotels, garages, etc. within walking distance of the cruise ship terminals in New Orleans. Rather disturbing to me was I noticed a number of Pedestrian Prohibited signs when walking around the area Memorial Day weekend. Perhaps I had just never noticed or perhaps just ignored or maybe they really are new.

But here are some walking pictures.

Parked the car near Praline Connection Gospel and Blues Hall:


 Praline Connection Gospel and Blues Hall

Across the street is Marriott Springhill Suites:


Marriott Springhill Suites

Walking along South Peters towards Marriott Courtyard and Embassy Suites. In this block is Howlin Wolf...


Next corner is Marriott Courtyard and Embassy Suites:



Ok, now at South Peters and Julia. Now about going to head down Julia Street towards the river. But pause to take a picture of the Rio Mar sign on the same corner...

Ahead on the left is Mulate's restaurant, Riverwalk Mall, and the cruise ships!

Now at Julia and Convention Center Blvd and the entrance to Mulate's


The Cajun Market across the street:

Hilton Riverside and International Trade Mart (or whatever the heck it is called these days:


Have now crossed Convention Center Blvd (@Julia) and looking towards the Hilton still. Can you see why this is called the Whale Parking lot?

Riverwalk dead ahead:


Julia Street does go all the way through:

Moving on down...

Can see the top of the Conquest:

And down that road is how I normally walk to the Conquest. If your ship is at berth two, you are pretty much there at this point.

And looking back to Embassy Suites, it isn't that far:

But these are troubling to me, if enforced...

Again, I don't see ANY issues walking to Berth 2 - it is Berth 1 that may be more of a challenge these days.

And you can still walk to Berth 1...

Walking from Hotel New Orleans, used to be the Holiday Inn Select Convention Center, is about the same as from Embassy Suites:

If you rent a car from Hertz at the airport, you can also drop it off at this Hertz location with no drop off fee.

Fulton Street/Hertz

Fulton Street parking:

Alternate suggestion:

if attempting riverfront streetcar - Julia street stop

Walk back that-a-way a short bit:

You can take the escalators up or I think there is an elevator around here:

Though the glass doors into Riverwalk mall.

Ignore the food court (if you can)

Out the back glass doors to the walkway:

Give an evil grin to the peasants who just sit there watching and waiting for the ships to depart.

And you can walk along the elevated walkway: {not quite sure where this pic is)

Bonus pics: Think this is an earlyish pic of the new parking garage:

New Marriott at the Convention Center (was still under construction when pics were taken):

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