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Carnival Dream Picture Requests


New Guidelines: My cabin picture list is now over flowing. They foiled me today, so I will only have a little time on Oct 27th, so, unless you are requesting a picture of some extraordinary cabin it probably won't happen. All of the standard cabins really look alike on the inside.

Guidelines: No promises on specific cabins. I will try to get at least an example of the category. The best opportunity I will have to take stateroom pictures will be Oct 27th with maybe a few on Oct 15th. After Oct 27th, additional stateroom pictures will not be possible. So get those requests in early and often!

F.Y.I. Pictures of cabins taken on Oct 27th will likely be in various stages of being made up.

Note: Since the Internet access on the ship currently seems to be flakey at best, for best results, get those pictures requests in NOW.

I usually end up taking pictures of almost everything, but still miss a lot, so if you want a picture of something specific, or a menu, or a food item, or an employee, or... I'll see what I can do. If you see what you want a picture of listed below, it's probably covered, but doesn't hurt to ask anyway.

I'll post the results here and probably somewhere else...

This is the first time I've tried this, so we'll see what happens!




4G - e.g. #6202

8A - #9472 or #9475

PORT corner Cat 9a cabins (#7454, #8466, #6492)

"White Space" next to #11247 + 8F - #11247

Cove Balcony (easy - we have one the first cruise)

2 Bathroom Ocean View (6B, 6C, or 6D, me thinks)

8D - #9472

What is next to #12202?

another 8D - #8277 - Starboard

8B - #6388

6E - Spa OV - #11203 or #11204 + Deck in front

4C? - #6461 or equivalent

8G - Aft cabin #7467

8G - #8477 and view

8C - #8457

12 PEN4  #7312 and view

8S - #12223 and view

9A - #6490 - next to #6492 (above)

Regular Aft Balcony(ies)

8S - #12216 - view left/down from balcony

8S - #12204 - 8S sure seems to be popular today

8A - #6464 - balcony looking down

HC Cabins: 4D - #6358, #6361, 6A - #2477, 8A - #6207, #6208

8E - #9408

11 - #7230

1a - #2211

4a - #1208 & 6a #1210

6B - #1447

8G - #9481

8C - 8450

8A - 6447

8B - #7209






Water Park


Room Service Menu

Piano Bar and Damian Brell {Tell Damien Vickie says Cheers and see him in December}

{Eva also says Hi, and tell him to play "Lift Up Your Skirt"}

{Bonnie says Hi and wants to hear "Wild Horses"}

Camp Carnival

Steakhouse - The Chef's Art

Gym, rowing machines and weights

Casino Manager and Casino Hosts

Shop's "jewelry"




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