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Carnival Dream Transatlantic Cruise - Oct 27 - Nov 12, 2009 - DONE

Civitavecchia, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Malaga, Las Palmas, King's Wharf, New York

Capers, Menus

The number one question I get is what camera am I using. For this cruise I used a Panasonic FZ35

I use Photoshop Elements to batch process the photos, resizing them to something more reasonable and also auto-fixing colors, etc.


{  NOTE: WE were also on the Mediterranean cruise prior to this - see here: ../GrandMed/index.htm }


Follow the Dream:

There she is!  { Amateur video Carnival Dream sea trials }

Port Weather

Carnival Dream Ship - Staff, Cove Balcony, Ship Features...

Pictorial Guide to Carnival Dream Cove Balconies 

Carnival Dream Webcams have lit up! See here 

01 Tue Oct 27, Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy, Depart 7pm (Carnival Dream, Crystal Serenity, Celebrity Summit)

     Page 1 Intro

     Cabins 1

     Cabins 2

     Cabins 3

     Cabins 4

     Cabins 5

     Cabins 6

     Cabins 7

     Cabins 8

     Civi 1 Lunch, Ship Shots

     Civi 2  Dinner, Moon

02 Wed Oct 28, Fun Day at Sea

     Page 1 Breakfast, Ship shots, Waterworks

     Page 2 Waterworks, Ship shots, Lunch

     Page 3 Ship shots, Steakhouse, Dinner

03 Thu Oct 29, Barcelona, Spain, 7:00am-6:00pm (Carnival Dream)

     Page 1 Intro

     Bar 1 Montserrat

     Bar 2 Montserrat

     Bar 3 Montserrat

     Bar 4 Montserrat

     Bar 5 Montserrat

     Bar 6 Montserrat

     Bar 7 Lunch, Barcelona from Ship, Dinner

     Bar 8 Dinner, Night Ship shots

04 Fri Oct 30, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, 8:00am-6:00pm (Carnival Dream, Windstar Wind Star)

     Page 1 Into

     Mall 1 Breakfast, Soller and Train Ride

     Mall 2 Soller and Train Ride

     Mall 3 Soller and Train Ride

     Mall 4 Soller and Train Ride

     Mall 5 Soller and Train Ride, Sunset, Dinner

05 Sat Oct 31, Fun Day at Sea and Halloween!

     Sea 0 In room movies, TV Room Service,

     Sea 1 Breakfast, Lunch, Booo, Ice Carving, Pumpkin Carving

     Sea 2 Ship Pictures, Boooo, Tea Time, Dining Rooms pictures

     Sea 3 Stowaway, Sunset

     Sea 4 Halloween Dinner, Halloween Party

     Sea 5 Halloween Party

06 Sun Nov 1, Malaga, Spain, 8:00am-5:00pm (Carnival Dream)

     Page 1 Intro

     Mal 2 Granada of the Moors  (Alhambra)

     Mal 3 Granada of the Moors  (Alhambra)

     Mal 4 Granada of the Moors  (Alhambra)

     Mal 5 Granada of the Moors  (Alhambra)

     Mal 6 Granada of the Moors  (Alhambra)

     Mal 7 Granada of the Moors  (Alhambra)

     Mal 8 Granada of the Moors  (Alhambra)

     Mal 9 Granada of the Moors  (Alhambra), Lunch

     Mal 10 Lunch, Dinner, Goronwy Thom - Comedy Juggler (even if the Capers butchered the name)

07 Mon Nov 2, Fun Day at Sea

     Page 1

08 Tue Nov 3, Las Palmas, Canary Islands 8:00am-6:00pm (Carnival Dream)

     Page 1

     Can 2 HoHo Bus

     Can 3 HoHo Bus

     Can 4 Hoho Bus

     Can 5 HoHo Bus

     Can 6 Walking along Beach

     Can 7 Lunch, A601 ?, Dinner,

09 Wed Nov 4, Fun Day at Sea

     Page 1   Slot Pull  

     Sea 2     Ship Pictures, Sunset, Dinner, Moon shot

     Sea 3     Deck Party

10 Thu Nov 5, Fun Day at Sea

     Page 1   Ship pictures

     Sea 2     Ship pictures

     Sea 3     Ship pictures

     Sea 4     Ship pictures - Page Turner Library, The Gallery, Lower Dream Street, The Chambers, Club 02, The Warehouse, Circle C, Lobby, Fun Hub Internet Pricing

     Sea 5     Ship pictures - Tea Time, Coffee Club

     Sea 6     Dinner

11 Fri Nov 6, Fun Day at Sea

     Page 1     Lunch in  the Supper Club (Steakhouse), Ship pictures

     Sea 2       Dinner, DJ Shannon, Damien Brell

12 Sat Nov 7, Fun Day at Sea

     Page 1     Ship Pictures, Camp Carnival

     Sea 2       2nd Formal Night, Past Guest Party, Funship Freddy, Dinner, Big Cake for the VIPs

13 Sun Nov 8, Fun Day at Sea

     Page 1     Funhub Pictures, A few bumps in the sea, Webcam, Sunset, Blue Frog, Dinner

14 Mon Nov 9, King's Wharf, Bermuda, 9:00am- Overnight (Carnival Dream, RCCL Explorer OTS)

     Page 1     Pictures from the Port Area, Finally a taxi tour

     Page 2     Taxi tour, Fort Scaur

     Page 3     Taxi tour, Fort Scaur, World's Smallest Drawbridge, Golf Course, Farm

     Page 4     Taxi tour, Gibbs Hill Lighthouse

     Page 5     Taxi tour, Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, Pink Sand,  Horseshoe Bay Beach

     Page 6     Taxi tour, Horseshoe Bay Beach, Hamilton

     Page 7     Taxi tour, Hamilton, Churches, End of tour

     Page 8     Snorkel Park, Port Area, Laser Show

     Page 9     Laser Show, Dinner, {must be missing some pics}

15 Tue Nov 10, Kings Wharf, Bermuda, Overnight-12:00pm (Carnival Dream, RCCL Explorer OTS)

     Page 1     Gas attack for John, Port Area, Chickens, Snorkel Park, Dockyard Glassworks, Bermuda Rum Cakes, Victualling Yard

     Page 2     Finally tried Salami and Cheese purchased in San Gimignano Tuscany, Carnival Dream Ship on a Stick

     Page 3     Some Cruise Crackheads, Dinner, Dancin in the Street, New Piano Guy -Vince

16 Wed Nov 11, Fun Day at Sea

     Page 1     Ship pictures, Pasta Bar, Bumpy seas, Tea with John Heald

     Page 2     Dinner, More Blue Frogs

17 Thu Nov 12, New York, New York, Arrive 9:00am - I bet Ken has a song for this port! (Carnival Dream)

     Page 1     Manhattan Cruise Terminal, Intrepid Sea Air & Space Museum, Booted - Boo Hoo, Sheraton Times Square, Local Deli(cious) but missing the Lido

     NYC 2      Munchies at Martha's before Chinese Delivery Dinner (typical NY), Deli(cious) Deli Lunch, Dinner at John's, L.I. house tour, Life Wasn't Meant To Be Spent in a Cubicle

Carnival Dream Menus - Here

    Bar Menu

    Chef's Art Menu

Carnival Dream Capers - Here

Stateroom Directory - Here

Wine Menu - Here

Deck Plan + Pictures - Here

Carnival Dream Laser Show

Carnival Dream Pasta Bar

Carnival Dream Wasabi (Sushi Bar)

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